My name is Michele. I am a 45-year-old mother and wife that decided to change career paths. I was a caregiver at an Alzheimer's facility for 4 years prior to Covid. That quickly shifted to in-home care for one of our clients. His wife ultimately had to make the hard decision to place him in a residential home, as she could no longer care for him around the clock. So, I contemplated the new job search which lead me here.

I've been sober on and off for the past 10 years. I've had lengths of sobriety but always found myself back at that relapse. Until January 2021, when I had a cosmic shift, and for once, I knew I was done.

I am passionate about my sobriety and hope to help others. I am on the road to finding myself and my new career. I've always dreamed of "doing something that makes me happy" but I never knew how. Now, I know I have the confidence to at least try!

My newfound love for writing makes me so happy and it's the best therapy. Engaging with others is food for the soul.

I love everything about being healthy: food, exercise, learning, connection, love, and peace are words that come to mind when I think of my health. And, none of this is possible with alcohol in the mix.

I love this space to connect with others and share our experiences!

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Sober Traveler | Wannabe Vegan | Yoga Addict. Extrovert turned introvert that wants a pack of dachshunds. Writing my way through past trauma gave me big dreams.