How to Deal With the Big “D” Word

Disappointment is a hard fact that we all experience

Michele Maize
5 min readMay 17, 2022


disappointed after a failed driving test
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“Disappointment builds character and strength” — Nefessa Williams

Yes, the “D” word can be used when speaking about divorce, which is also a huge disappointment to those going through it.

Disappointment in general is something we all experience.

You know, when you think something is going to happen, and it doesn’t? A huge letdown, right?

How do you deal with disappointment? What about when someone you love is dealing with something tough?

For me, I have an easier time dealing with my own disappointment. Maybe I am used to it. So many people have let me down in life and I have disappointed myself countless times.

On the flip side, when a family member is going through a big disappointment, especially my daughters, it will eat away at me.

I have teenage girls so I have been through the wringer of disappointment with them. Especially with social media now and being left out of events that seeing it on their friend's stories, is a big slap in the face.

All of my emotions arise when something hurtful is done to my daughters.

But, what’s worse, is when they are disappointed in themselves and sink into depression. If they get a bad grade, bomb a test, screw up a dance, or forget something important, it can take them days to recover.

My younger daughter is one of the sweetest and most sensitive people that I know. The sweet part of her is extra loveable but I tread lightly with the sensitive part.

Yesterday was a day she’s been very excited about for the past few months. She had her appointment to get her driving permit.

She passed driver's education with flying colors. This girl was really prepared.

She studied for days leading up to the test.

Going to the DMV is stressful because you don’t want to make a wrong move. I double-checked my documents probably 100 times. They will send you home without remorse if you are missing one little thing.



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