If Your Partner Asked You To Swing, Would You?

It all started with an open relationship

Michele Maize
6 min readNov 23, 2022


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Maybe I have been living under a rock, but did you know that they have entire resorts dedicated to the needs of swingers?

Swinger (noun): a person who engages in group sex or swapping of sexual partners.

Our friends, Jesse and Erica, well let me rephrase that, my husband’s friend Jesse whom he’s known since he was a little kid, and his wife, had been engaging in swinging for quite some time.

Because they are my husband’s friends, they are mine, too, although we don’t hang out with them that often anymore. But, that is beside the point.

Years ago, Jesse began divulging information to my husband and always after he’s had a few drinks. The truth comes out for some people when they start getting tipsy.

About ten years ago, Jesse was not with Erica. He was married to another lovely woman named Chelsea. Toward the end of their relationship, Jesse told my husband that they decided to have an open relationship.

What’s an open relationship? A relationship where partners agree they can each have sexual relations with other people. Oh, and, they have to be cool with it.

These relationships are out in the open and not secret. No one is technically “cheating”.

Jesse is a sexually charged person that can’t keep it in his pants for one woman. He explains all of this to my husband. I don’t think Chelsea would have thought of this one on her own.

She just agreed because she wanted Jesse to be happy.

Chelsea began to put on a lot of extra weight after they had kids and I think this started because of that. Once she got too big, and even after she agreed to be open, their relationship didn’t end up surviving.

Jesse filed for divorce. Chelsea was so heartbroken and it was also hard for me because our relationship developed into close friends. I felt awful for Chelsea. She put herself out there in such a vulnerable situation just to be dumped anyway.

And, guess who Jesse left Chelsea for? Someone that Jesse was “allowed” to hook up with in his open relationship. The grass was greener with Erica…



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