The Pervy Old Man Next Door Thinks He Might Get Some

My neighbor is always trying to sneak a peek

Michele Maize


Photo by Nourdine Diouane on Unsplash

When we bought our house 10 years ago, we hated that one wall in the backyard was shorter than all the others. We live in a cookie-cutter housing track where all the houses look the same.

Enticing neighborhood, right? We moved here for the school district.

The backyards are all small and the same size. We are sandwiched in like sardines and you can have a wide view of your neighbors getting it on if they forget to close the blinds.

It was an accident, people!

Many people around here put up a fence extender for more privacy in their backyards.

So, after our inspection, we thought, “No big deal.”

We’ll just tell the neighbor that we will foot the bill for the wall. Most neighbors would be thrilled with this plan!

We hadn’t met the neighbors yet so I shouldn’t have made that assumption.

Tom and his wife, Mena (names obviously changed), came over with cookies the day after we moved in. Weirdos don’t bring cookies over, so I thought.

When they wouldn’t stop talking, and went on and on about politics that we don’t agree with, we started seeing some red flags.

Then, the question came up…

“Would you mind if we put up a fence extender? We will pay for it.”, my husband said.

Tom looked perturbed, “Well, actually I would. I don’t want to ruin my view.”

After an awkward silence and some strange looks exchanged, they excused themselves to head home.

In the house, I raised my voice…

“WHAT VIEW?!?! What is he talking about? There is no view of anything but us!”

I have two daughters and a pool! And now, the creepy old man next door wants his view of us!

We went back and forth about this for a while. We couldn’t figure out what to do or say, so we just let it go.

Until the weather got warmer a few months later, we had yet to see Tom in the backyard.



Michele Maize

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