When Someone Isn’t Who You Thought They Were

Have you ever met a diagnosed sociopath?

Michele Maize
4 min readSep 28, 2022


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When they met, they felt instantly connected. It started off as a friendship and slowly evolved into a love story.

They were friends for years but had no inclination of it being anything more than that. Until one day, a little simple flirting began.

Their kids were friends, they enjoyed all of the same things, and both loved trying new things. The relationship went at rocket speed and they were living together, soon to be engaged.

They began each morning with a quiet, yet sensual, yoga practice and it became their routine. It was a great start to the day. He proposed to her one morning during their practice, in front of the burning fireplace.

Fast forward a few months and they decide to come to visit me.

My friend was so happy with his newfound love and their kids all seemed to get along so wonderfully. Although, I did catch some weird vibes. An article I wrote about meeting people that only want to talk about themselves was referencing this meeting.

I kept noticing a quick personality shift.

At first, I thought, this chick is so cool. The next minute I was thinking, what is up with this chick?

I won’t recount the instances because I don’t want to be petty. I save those things for my husband. He loves it. Not.

He’d rather hear about anything else.

Have you ever met someone that was a diagnosed sociopath?

My intuition rarely lets me down.

When I meet someone, I can tell if something is “off”.

First, when you just see pictures of someone online, you have nothing else to go off of besides their smile or lack thereof.

She was “all smiles”. Her life looked perfect. My friend looked so happy!

I couldn’t get these thoughts out of my head for a week. But, they seemed so happy. Well, he did and she did most of the time.

So, I didn’t mention anything to him because I also didn’t want to come off judgemental, which maybe it was.



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